Our mission is to connect the people and places in Uganda with a secure, convenient and reliable network that links drivers to clients and organizations.


We aim to become a nationally (and regionally) recognized name in the transport industry by offering our clients and partners a dependable, committed and efficient service.

Why Spesho?


Over a secure portal along with well vetted and professional drivers, we are able to ensure the safety of all passengers, both physically and virtually.


We understand that time is of the essence therefore we aim to have you picked up as soon as your order is placed.


In a few easy steps, you can share your location, get a fare estimate, pay using the app and get picked from your current location and dropped at your final destination.


Every user has the opportunity to enjoy hassle-free payments by paying via mobile money within the app or cash with the driver.

About Us

Spesho is a reliable, and quick way to get around. We are a Ugandan Start Up offering convenient and affordable transport solutions.

What is referred to at times as the “instruments of transport” are changing rapidly, and there is a need for economically sound improvements. Spesho is dedicated to bringing you just that – CONVENIENT, RELIABLE AND AFFORDABLE TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS.

Our vision is to connect the people and places in Uganda with a reliable, safe and comfortable transport network that links drivers to customers in time. We understand that every individual and business’ needs are different and that is why we offer several products along with hassle free payment options regardless of income, age or location.

With our drivers as our partners, we promise that we will endeavor to run Spesho with these fundamental values: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, TRANSPARENCY and SAFETY. We understand that time is an important fact of our personal and business life, and we hope the public are quick to appreciate this aspect of the business. Furthermore, with transparent pricing, we enable our customers, from private individuals to businesses, to instantly book on-demand transportation. It is a policy throughout the entire world, now amounting to a tradition to provide safety. With our vetting/screening process we ensure that only experienced, licensed and trained partners are contracted.

The ultimate goal of Spesho is to provide our personal and/or business customer with a more efficient way to travel which we believe will save them time that will be spent bettering themselves and the people around them.

In line with always working to better the lives of our customers and partners, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that our drivers are given the opportunity to earn enough to have more options in life and contribute to the betterment of their families and ultimately, their communities as a whole.

With the city’s efforts to decongest the streets along with unregulated fare pricing and the uneven distribution of public transportation, we hope to be a welcome addition to the already existing crop of service providers in Kampala and the greater Kampala area, and then eventually push operations country wide incorporating delivery and logistics.

I would like to conclude by firmly asserting that we are a company of a fast-paced present and promising future that will continue to evolve to provide a user centered consumer experience. I extend my sincere thanks to our shareholders, customers, financiers, and all stakeholders. We hope that you will have a memorable experience riding with Spesho!

GM's message

Our Services


With Spesho, you have the ability to request a ride that will pick you up from a place of your convenience. This service is available on demand with a couple of categories for you to choose from.


If you have your own vehicle and are only in need of a driver, Spesho has got you sorted. With this service, you can choose the right terms to suit your needs: schedule beforehand or on demand.


Book a ride in advance at a date and time of your choosing.


We offer instant deliveries of different categories, such as courier and food carriage services. Get your package or meal delivered directly to your office or home.

  Spesho Key Features

  • Share your address
    Have the driver learn your exact location
  • Choose Car Type

    Pick from the various categories

  • Fare estimate
    Input your final destination and learn what it may cost
  • Schedule Trips
    Book for now or Later
  • Rate your driver
    Give Feedback after every ride you take

The Team

Latimer Wandera

General Manager

With close to 9 years’ experience in the corporate world, Latimer is a dedicated and hardworking team leader who has seen several projects through from their planning phase until execution. He is dedicated to creating a platform that will provide practical solutions in today’s market.

Kisakye Franco

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

With his executive level position at Spesho, Franco has been able to be part of one of the most crucial and complex aspects of the company. He strives to keep innovating to make the platform better for all its users.